Tree Service in Ormond Beach, FL


Our exceptional tree service in Ormond Beach will help maintain your beautiful landscape for your home.  In addition, Roeling Green Lawns provides tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, storm debris removal and land clearing. Our service area includes DeLand, Port Orange, Eustis and Lake Mary, FL.


Tree Trimming


Just like humans, trees need periodic check-ups to maintain their health and beauty. When a tree is overgrown with dead leaves and branches it is at risk for disease, insects and rotting that can cause the tree to die and become unstable. That’s why tree trimming should be a part of your landscape care. We expertly trim the branches making surgical collar cuts that reduce injury and promote healing. Your trees will stay healthy and flourish.


Tree and Storm Debris Removal


Our sun-drenched sub-tropical climate provides with many glorious days of sunshine. But our region is also prone to storms that can damage the trees in your yard. Heavy winds can blow off tree branches and even down unstable trees. If your property has sustained storm damage, Roeling Green Lawns is here to help with 24/7 emergency tree removal. We have the personnel, tools and equipment to safely remove any size tree regardless of its location on your property. The debris from a storm can be spread around your entire property. If it’s not removed in a timely manner, it can kill your lawn and clog your drains. Our storm debris removal service will do the cleanup and restore your property after the storm.


Stump Grinding


When trees are removed, they are typically cut down to the stump. We strongly recommend that the stump be removed. Otherwise it can be a liability if someone should accidentally trip and fall in your yard. But since the stump contains a network of roots that penetrate deep into the ground removing it is no easy task. Our industrial-strength stump grinding machines will convert the stump into mulch. We can bag the mulch on site for your use or we can haul it away.


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